First Baptist Church
2800 University Ave, Charleston, IL

Welcome to Rightnow Media

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Here at First Baptist Church, we aspire to become more like Christ every day. We believe that one of God's greatest goals for us is to become and create disciple of His son, Jesus Christ. So as a tool to help ourselves and others, we offer RightNow Media subscriptions to our members for free.

"What is RightNow Media?" you may ask. Think of RightNow Media as a kind of Christian "Netflix". It is a streaming service with thousands of video material and offers some written material. We like to think of RightNow media as a tool rather than entertainment. We use it to help ourselves and others learn more about God and to help grow closer to God. We believe that the material presented by this service can help us see God and involve and interact with God in every part of our everyday lives. To know a little more about RightNow Media and what they stand for, please read the quote that came directly from their webpage. If you wish to have access to this resource, please contact the Pastor.

"Our non-profit ministry is on a mission to help people trade in the pursuit of the American Dream for a world that desperately needs Christ.
   Our ultimate goal at RightNow Media is to encourage millions of Christians to be on mission wherever God has them—to be TRADERS.
   RightNow Media unleashes millions of Christians by serving churches that disciple and mobilize believers to live like Jesus in their homes, neighborhoods, at work, and around the world. We serve over 16,000 churches every day.
   At RightNow Media, we firmly believe the mission of the Church matters. Everything we do is rooted in the belief that the Church—God’s people—can have a powerful impact on this world. Our team loves the Church."