First Baptist Church
2800 University Ave, Charleston, IL

Pastors  ~  Then and Now

Elder G.W. Riley served as the first pastor of Charleston Baptist Church.  He served from August 1850 - December 1851.

Jared W. Riley served as pastor from December 1851 -  .



Dr. A. E. Prince was a pastor of the First Baptist Church, Charleston, from November 8, 1914, to October 9, 1916.  He has served pastorates in both the north and south.  He served for a number of years as president of Hannibal-Lagrange College at Hannibal, Missouri.  After retiring from this position, he later became the interim pastor of the First Baptist Church of Effingham, where he is now located [as of October 1950].  He may be heard on the radio each Sunday at 9:00 A.M., as he and the Church people broadcast direct from the church.  We welcome him back to Charleston as a guest speaker for our Centennial after thirty-four years.



Rev. Walter W. Thompson became the pastor of the First Baptist Church on September 1, 1947.  He served churches at Hutsonville and West Frankfort before coming to Charleston.  He was closely affiliated with the State Conventions, having served as Recording Secretary for three years while at the same time serving on the Pastoral Relations Board and the Lake Benton Camp Board.  In the past three [1947-1950] years, the Church had shown tremendous growth in both the Sunday school and church membership.  He desired that a program may be put into effect to secure more space to meet the growing needs.




Interim 1986 - 1987







Rev. Adrian Lamkin grew up in Kentucky, the son of a Baptist minister. He earned an undergraduate degree from Georgetown College, Georgetown, Ky.; his master’s degree at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky.; and a Ph.D. in American Church History from Southern Seminary.

Rev. Lamkin served First Baptist from 2011 to December 2014 and again from November 2019 to December 2019.

Article in the Journal-Gazette/Times-Courier about Rev. Lamkin



Pastor Prater served First Baptist from January 2015 to July 2019.  Chris began in ministry in 2002 as a youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Bluffton, IN. Then served as the senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Ipswich, South Dakota. He has a Diploma of Pastoral Studies from the Church Leadership Institute as well as a Masters of Divinity from Christian Theological Seminary. His undergrad studies are in Business Management, specialized in Accounting. Before entering the ministry, Pastor Chris served four years in the United States Marine Corp.

Article in the Times-Courier Welcoming Pastor Prater


Pastor Steven HayesPastor Steve as he likes to be called comes to First Baptist after a twenty-seven-year ministry of leading five independent Christian Churches from Indiana to Florida to Illinois. Steve recently served for seven years at First Christian in Mattoon.

Steve enjoys helping people come to the Lord and to grow in their faith, through practical preaching, and counseling. Steve is now offering free Christian Counseling at First Baptist.

Steve is a Vietnam Veteran who served in the United States Navy. He earned a Master of Ministries Degree from Kentucky Christian College. Christian Ministry is Steve’s second career. He worked his way up to the Operations Manager of a chain of thirty-three retail shoe stores in Connecticut. He laughs, when he says, “I went from selling soles to saving souls.”

Steve and his wife, Marianna moved to Indiana to be closer to their children and grandchildren in March of 2021.  His last sermon to our congregation on May 30, 2021.



Pastors of First Baptist

1G. W. Riley

Six Months

 31Harland K. TuttleJune 20, 1926, to July 1930
2J. W. Riley

One year

 32Harold Hall

April 12, 1931, to         August 31, 1932

3Dr. Bunday  33

E. Ray Dugger

April 23, 1933, to        August 31, 1935
4Brother Yarnell  34Wm. E. Skadden

September 29, 1935, to  July 31, 1938

5Dr. Bastian  35J. W. PattersonSeptember 1, 1938, to September 1, 1942
6Brother Brown  36Chas A. Boyd ~ interimOctober 11, 1942, to February 1, 1943
7Brother Caplinger1867 37Daniel L. EckertMay 1, 1943, to July 1947
8Rev. Tandyabout 1882 38Walter W. ThompsonSeptember 1, 1947, to January 1952
9Rev. John Todd1884 39

Lloyd Martz

July 1952 - July 1956
10Rev. Tom Davis ~ interimabout 1886 - 1887 40William Welsh1956 - 1960
11W. C. CopeFebruary 5. 1892 41Dean Dolash1960-1974
12J. Wood SaundersMarch 18, 1895 42Max ThomasonJune 1974 - August 1974
13Arthur WilletSeptember 18, 1895, to April 29, 1897 43Bill Bean1974 - 1976
14W. T. Spriggs

July 1, 1987, to       July 10, 1898

 44Bob Hanrahan1976 - 1981
15J. T. SpillmanAugust 1898 to January 11, 1899 45Collin Weller, England, interimMarch 1981 - July 1982
16Brother WylieJanuary 11, 1899, to August 30, 1899 46David AndersonJuly 1982 - June 1986
17W. T. MarklandMarch 21, 1900, to April 13, 1902 47Dick DeMont, interim1986-1987
18C. E. LaReauAugust 5, 1902, to April 1, 1904 48Al Brown1987 to 1993
19J. T. SpillmanApril 8, 1904, to July 1904 49George Munger1993 to 1994
20D. M. StilesJanuary 3, 1905, to October 2, 1907 50Len Lewis1994 to1996
21B. B. BradenNovember 10, 1907, to October 1, 1909 51John CrutcherSeptember 1996, to     March 1998
22H. B. LeonardMarch 5, 1910, to May 12, 1912 52Pat Murphy

April 1998, to 2008

23J. M. DanielJune 9, 1912, to November 4, 1914 53Adrian Lamkin, interim2011 to December 2014
24A.E. PrinceNovember 8, 1914, to October 9, 1916 54Chris PraterJanuary 2015, to July 2019
25C. P. GreenfieldOctober 22, 1916, to November 18, 1917 55Adrian Lamkin, interimNovember 2019, to December 2019
26Eugene Neubauerto January 8, 1919 56Steven Hayes

January 2020, to            May 31, 2021

27L. V. EdwardsApril 7, 1919, to April 18, 1920 57  
28H. L. DuffNovember 1, 1920, to November 1, 1921 58  
29J. E. HartNovember 13, 1921, to November 1, 1922  59  
30Fred R. JohnsonSeptember 10, 1922, to September 1925 60  



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