First Baptist/University Baptist Church
2800 University Ave, Charleston, IL 61920


2022:  Peyton Cunningham, May 2

2020:  McKinley Mae Wood, daughter of Beth Frazier, January 2; Shelby Cunningham, January 19; Areanna Wilcox, July 26; Jack Holfachor, August 30; Christa Harwood (Seaman), September 4

2018:  Josiah Kason Wilcox, September 23 

1988:  Beth Frazier, April 3

1852:  Mary Jane Rigsby, March 20; 

1851:  Sarah Hutchason and Mary E. Vanderen, Tuesday, February 1851; Sister Waters, Julia Crowder, and (?)Permilia Crowder, Tuesday, April 1851; Sarah Harris, Martha Sperry, and Martha Hodges, June 1851; Susan Watson, Mary Helen Hancock, Nancy Eastin, Elizabeth Wright, Laurel Richardson, Jane Woods, R.Strickland, Elizabeth Sperry, Susan Watson, Mary H. Hancock, Ann E. Brown, Mary Tuttle, Benjamin Ryan, Mary Jane Rigsby, Delila Check, Phebe Dawson, Martha Strickland, Elizabeth March, Dane Gilman, Hall and Bellare Gordon, November 1851

1850:  Daniel Turney August 17, 1850; Mrs. Mary McCord, August 18, 1850; Adaline Anappeitt, October 14, 1850; James Watson, November 15, 1850; Susanna Hancock and Hanevica Watson, November 18, 1850;